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The Shopify App Store is all you need to find customers and earn regular income.

87% of Shopify entrepreneurs say they rely on apps to run their business

Graph showing the number of app installs on Shopify from 2011 to 2017. The numbers for each year increase exponentially from 30 thousand in 2011 to 7 million in 2017. 11.6 million is the total number of app installs as of January 2018.

Exponential growth year over year

11.6M million App installs on Shopify

A worthwhile time investment

84% of apps have earned revenue on the Shopify App Store

New developers are thriving

48% of the Shopify App Store’s top 25 grossing apps were published in the last 2 years

Data gathered Jan 2018

“I wouldn’t use Shopify without apps. It’s a precondition for using Shopify, and it’s a major efficiency enhancer.”

Luke Anthony

Shopify can help at every step

Find problems

Get direct insight into what Shopify businesses are looking for.

Reach customers

Market your app directly to 1,000,000 businesses with the Shopify App Store.

Get paid

By using our Billing API, you can charge for your app in three different ways: one-time, usage-based, and recurring charges. And you keep 80% of all revenue.

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