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Declined app charge redirects will be handled by Shopify

Effective December 03, 2018


Currently, when a merchant declines an app charge after being prompted to confirm it, they are redirected to the confirmation_url provided by the app developer. As of Monday, December 3, 2018, Shopify will be handling all redirects whenever an app charge is declined.

This change means that when a merchant is asked to approve a charge and then clicks Cancel, they are redirected to the Apps page in their Shopify admin, and receive a notification that they have chosen to decline the charge.

Example notification for declined app charge

What this means for you

No updates are required on the developers side for this change to take place.

This change will affect Recurring Application Charges, Application Charges and updating Usage Charge capped amounts. No changes will be made to the current workflow of accepting app charges.

## Why this is happening

We’ve made this update to keep this workflow uniform and consistent for merchants, and to save app developers time in having to create a redirect page.