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The Order Risk resource will return a single recommendation from Shopify

Effective September 17, 2018

Action required


On September 17, 2018, we'll be changing how we display fraud risk information on the order page in the Shopify admin. This will also impact how risk information is exposed in the Order Risk resource.

Today, all order risks for an order are grouped together on the order page regardless of who generated the order risk. Going forward, order risks from Shopify and third-party apps will be displayed separately on the order page.

Because of this change, the Order Risk resource will return Shopify-generated order risks in a single hash with a single recommendation, instead of in multiple hashes with multiple recommendations. If you are using the Order Risk resource to read Shopify’s order risks to parse out specific information, you need to update your app to account for this new behaviour.

The information used to create many of the current order risks is still available to you in other resources. For example, the Order resource provides details of the order such as the customer browser IP address, and shipping and billing address. The Transaction resource has a payment_details property that provides AVS and CVV results, and BIN/IIN for cards processed by Shopify Payments.

This is one step in our continuous investment in our fraud prevention platform. At a future date we will improve our API to better meet the current and future needs of our merchants.