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We're launching the AccessScope resource, which lets you query shops for your app's permissions

Effective February 26, 2018

Today we're launching the new AccessScope resource, which allows you to query a merchant's shop for the list of permissions associated to your app. Using this functionality you can easily manage scopes across your various users' shops.

GET /admin/oauth/access_scopes.json

  "access_scopes": [
      "handle": "read_products"
      "handle": "write_orders"

Access scopes include permissions, such as read_orders and write_products, that allow apps to access data from a shop. The list of access scopes retrieved is based on the access token used for the request, and it contains only those access scopes that are granted to the token. For example, the list may contain all access scopes, or it may contain a subset if the access token has limited permissions. You can find the related documentation here.