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Developer changelog


We're making improvements to the Storefront API

Effective November 29, 2018


Over the last few months, we’ve been hard at work improving the Storefront API to enable you to build custom storefronts on Shopify’s platform. The following changes are all available in the Storefront API, and we are continuously updating the JS Buy SDK and Mobile Buy SDKs to include these new changes.

New Features


  • Handle expired Customer Access Tokens by returning null on requests to fetch the customer
  • Inventory validation removed from checkoutCreate
  • Customer default address id now matches one of the ids in the addresses array
  • Allow customer to login automatically via X-Shopify-Customer-Access-Token header in web checkout
  • Added error codes to customerCreate, customerUpdate and customerAccessTokenCreate mutations (more to come!)
  • Filtering for articles by the title of the blog is now possible
  • Added the ability to query for products by variant price in the Storefront API using the standard comparators
  • Added new checkout V2 mutations to avoid non-null checkouts
  • Updated tax calculations for Avalara to ensure taxes automatically update on checkout


Some Checkout mutations have a new V2 mutation to replace them:

  • checkoutAttributesUpdateV2
  • checkoutCompleteWithCreditCardV2
  • checkoutCompleteWithTokenizedPaymentV2
  • checkoutCustomerAssociateV2
  • checkoutCustomerDisassociateV2
  • checkoutDiscountCodeApplyV2
  • checkoutEmailUpdateV2
  • checkoutGiftCardRemoveV2
  • checkoutShippingAddressUpdateV2