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We’re releasing pre-launch pages, which let merchants publish interactive landing pages before they launch their online store

Effective March 09, 2018

In the coming weeks, Shopify will release a new feature: pre-launch pages. This feature is a static “coming soon” style page that acts as an interactive placeholder while a merchant works on their store and prepares it for launch.

Similar to the password page, the pre-launch page will operate as an alternative to a merchant’s existing themes and blocks all access to storefront .json endpoints. This state will be exposed through the Admin API Shop properties as a unique field pre_launch_enabled (subject to change). Unlike the password page, no applications will run when the pre-launch page is enabled. We therefore suggest that apps consider relevant error handling and changes to documentation.

For beta access to test this feature, log in to your Partner Dashboard and append this onto the URL from home: You will be prompted to create a new development store, which will provide access to the feature under Themes > Pre-launch page.